About Us

Daana is a business network that connects the parallel worlds of the organic farmers, cooperatives and consumers. The Daana eco community is a mix of discerning producers and consumers who believe that the resources of this planet are precious and we need to consume them in a responsible manner. In other words, Daana is the bridge of trust that farmers and consumers use to reach, connect and benefit from.

Everyone knows that organic food is healthier but they do not make the switch because it eats into their monthly budget. On the farmer’s side, the absence of technical support, market information and regular demand for organic food, has few farmers willing to take the risk of growing organic crops. It is hard to convince a small farmer who is already struggling to go organic due the the low yields.  Daana has leveraged technology to create just the right solutions needed to bridge this gap and bring about the much needed change. India has a rich heritage of agricultural traditions and Daana is happy to support small and marginal farmers, even as it works at spreading greater awareness of organic eating among the urban educated working class who are most vulnerable to lifestyle ailments.


Heritage Seeds, and Conserving local biodiversity: Daana farmers grow their crop bio dynamically and with indigenous know-how using local seeds. No hybrids and GMO seeds are used by Daana farmers, rather seeds that are hardy, climate resilient and native to the region  are grown. Our farmers use traditional knowledge to harvest and preserve their seeds. Since most of the farms are rain fed, the farmers use ancient rain water harvesting techniques to conserve the water.

Traceability: For the very first time in the country, Daana has given farm produce an identity by bringing onto the pack the face behind the farm. Every pack of rice or pulse comes with the name of the farmer, where it was grown and when it was harvested. Each farm’s produce is packed separately.

Daana products are trademarked Single Origin. This means food comes from one single farm to the consumer’s kitchen. What you get in the supermarket is multi-farm sourced, blended and faceless. Daana gives you the privilege of having personalised agricultural services – one family farmer who grows your food. Just the way you have one family doctor, one family jeweller and tailor. This is once again a first in the staple food category in the country.

Our products are also Indian and USDA Certified Organic. This means

  • The land from where the produce is obtained, has been upgraded for organic farming and no chemicals are used in the farm practices.
  • All inputs like fertilisers and pesticides are natural.
  • No genetically modified inputs or Irradiation technology are used.
  • All the farming practices and food processing techniques – physical, biological and mechanical are be verifiable.
  • No contamination from neighbouring farms is present.
  • The farm must follow sustainable practices.

The organic certification is not easily obtained and is quite an intimidating exercise.  The farmer has to approach agencies that give the certification. The NPOP has a list of third party accredited bodies like INDOCERT, ECOCERT etc who carry out the certification procedure. A farm is given certification after two years of organic farm practices. A fruit orchard is given certification after three years of organic farm practices. A dairy unit on certified land can get it in 90 days, whereas a food processing unit can get it in one day provided all the biological, physical and mechanical inputs are convincing.

The organic certification for any produce is also valid for three years and must be renewed after that