Grow your own veggies: Nice and Easy

As a guy living in an apartment, I had always aspired to have my own veggie garden. I dreamt I’d toil in the hot sun for an hour a week and then bear the fruits of my labour. Transforming that dream into reality took a bit of time and lots of experimentation.

As someone who didn’t know anything about gardening, knowing where to start was the most difficult part. I was clueless about the kind of plants I could grow, the kind of soil I had to use, etc., but it all worked out in the end. While it may seem a little intimidating at first, building your own organic vegetable garden isn’t that difficult.

Bragging rights: My first vegetable harvest

It’s quite simple, as I went through the process. All you need is a handful of pots, some good soil, some seeds/seedlings, and you’re good to go. The moment you see the first leaf of your first plant, you will be hooked from then on.

You can’t go wrong with most veggies in containers: green chillies, tomatoes, brinjal, beans, ladies finger, capsicum (just make sure in summer, there is a shade net as pots can get really dried out in peak sun in summer. If you can’t put in a shade net, just move them where they can get a few hours of shade in the mid morning sun)

Here’s a great guide to building your own organic vegetable garden from scratch: BetterIndia Vegetable Gardening Guide

There are several resources on the web to help and support novice gardeners. My favourite ones are: Urban Leaves and Intipanta (Homegrown)

Starting out with your garden now? Already have an up & running garden? Tell us everything in the comments!

– Anunaad

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