Discover some long forgotten recipes! And some new snazzy ones too. Ones that the kids will love, quick ones for breakfast, the afternoon snack. We’ve got them all covered.

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  • Sitaphal Kheer : A tasty, simple and delicious dessert for any occasion – worth trying!
  • Beerakaaya Pappu and Rice: Everything that nourishes you, in one bowl. Try this simple “One Pot One Shot” recipe.
  • Scrambling to make interesting, cool, tasty (and yet healthy) lunches for your kids? Try this dal-roll and your kids will come back complaining that their classmates ate them all up !!
  • Here is our Chilled Mango Kheer, a delicacy in every way to cool your body and mind!
  • Cool off the hot summer with your favourite Aam Panna – everyone loves it!!
  • Hyderabad’s weather – mild showers – is tempting us to think of hot vadas or pakoras with tea, and here is a Vada recipe to treat your friends with.
  • Our Ramanavami special has tips on how to make Paanakam, Neer Mor, and Moong Kosambari. All well suited to cool off in these rising temperatures.
  • For Ugadi we present to you the Mango Pulihora, a different twist to the traditional tamarind pulihora.
  • Make this phataa-phat chataa-chat Capisum rice, your kids will love it !!
  • While this isnt a recipe, check out our coverage of the Natural Food Festival.
  • Get ready to celebrate Holi with the universally popular sweet Gujiya
  • The Tamil Pongal special Bhuvana shared her family recipe for the spicey Kozhambu made from six different vegetables and the Kali – a sweet made from Toor Dal and Jaggery
  • Traditional mud pot biriyani made using regular rice: check out the post here
  • Mouthwatering Avakkaya (Mango pickle) using cold pressed groundnut oil. If you think pickle making is difficult, or too much work, check this out to see how simple it is.

  • Lipsmacking  Dahi Vadas using Urad Dal. Its as simple as it is tasty.

  • Healthy and chat-pataa “Tava Pulao” using our brown rice. The kids will love it and will never complain…. WHAT, RICE AGAIN !!!

  • Nimbu ka meetha Achar: Have it in your sandwiches, with your upmas, curd rice, rotis. Its everyone’s favourite accompaniment.

  • Hot Pongal for breakfast. Warm and soul stirring !!!

  • Khatti Dal (Hyderbadi): The everyday favourite of Hyderabadis. There is a saying that goes… Khatti Dal, Bachchey Pal (raise children with Khatti Dal)

  • Gobi Paratha with wholewheat aata… Heavenly