Why Daana?

Why Daana?

Single Origin: Each packet and bottle comes from a single farm. You will develop a palate for the distinct flavours of our oils and grains. Unlike every other brand that blends them from multiple producers, and multiple seasons, we keep our varieties separate. So many of our customers come back and tell us, “The food reminded us of what we ate in our childhood. It’s incredibly tasty“. Thanks to Single Origin food, the discerning consumer can enjoy multitudes of taste in their day-to-day food, much like with wine or cheese !!

Heirloom Seeds: The future of agriculture boils down to the seed. Seed sovereignty is key to ensuring farmer livelihood, saving biodiversity, cultural heritage, consumer choice and food security.  Our farmers do not buy seeds from the market. (No GMO seeds and no hybrids). They conserve them from the previous harvest. They have been following these practices for generations. In the process this gene pool of seeds contains hardy, disease and drought resistant characteristics that are sorely missing in lab bred seeds. In addition, seed conservation also yields really tasty and nutritious varieties, which you don’t find in mono-cropped commercial agriculture at all.

Fair Trade: More than 60% of what you pay for each Daana product goes directly to our farmers. Most other brands return 10% at best. When you buy Daana’s products, you are assured that farmers are getting fair prices.

You will notice some organic products in the market selling for cheaper than conventional products. Refuse to buy such ‘blood grains’.

Certified Organic: We hold our farmers to the highest quality standards. They are all compliant with international standards for organic food (India, USDA  and EU). Apart from that, we make regular visits to the farms and engage with our farmers to keep abreast of what is happening.