Our Products

Daana’s products are all Single Origin and Organic.

Every packet that you buy is the output of a single farm. We give you full traceability of where the packet came from, who were the people who grew it, and how it was grown. You can find this on the product package, as well in the pages on this website. Our products are also 100% certified organic (Indian Organic and USDA Certified).

Great taste comes Cold-Pressed !! Try out our entire collection of organic, cold-pressed oils: Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil,  Sunflower Oil and Groundnut Oil for your sautéing, garnishing and frying. But before that, pour out a spoonful and taste it. All the goodness preserved, something a refined oil can never be. Our oils are all indigenous oils in India, in use for a long time in various regions.

The lure of a crisp dosa, or fluffy steamed idlis is just as strong as hot phulkas off the fire. Try out our Urad Dal that makes the most amazing idlis, vadas, dosas and more. Dump those store-bought batters, and follow this really simple method to make it at home. It is so totally worth it. Your family will be your fans for life !!

Toor Dal is India’s most prolific dal. Grown in most areas of the Indian subcontinent, it is a dry land crop that nourishes those who eat it, as well as the land that grows it. Our Toor Dal comes from the farm of Bhaskar and Lakshmi, who live in Metalkunta village in Telangana. Read more…

Nothing says comfort food more than the simple and humble Moong ki Dal. From a dozen different types of khichdi, to the South Indian pongal, you can go for weeks without repeating a recipe. Our Moong Dal comes from the farm of  Yaovan, from Ibrahimpur village in Telangana. Read more…

Nature intended for us to eat whole grain food. Brown Rice takes its name from the colour of the grain when the outer layer isn’t polished.  This outer layer, called the bran, is full of protein, fibre and micronutrients. All in all, some cooked brown rice with vegetables is a darn tasty and complete meal. Read more…

Wheat and Aata are much consumed in the country. Our wheat variety, called Bansi is one of the few that can grow on mostly rain water. We stone grind our wheat to produce that incredibly old world taste of aata. Words cannot describe it. Experience it for yourself.