The Simple & Humble Moong Dal

The Simple & Humble Moong Dal

Moong Dal is one of the most cherished  Asian Dal, and got its name from the Sanskrit word “Mudga”. A super source of protein, especially for vegetarians, this dal is used widely as an ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes. It is used very generously in Indian Ayurvedic Diets.

Daana’s Organic Moong Dal comes from the family farm of Yaovan, in Ibrahimpur, Telangana.  Their farms are entirely rainfed. Yaovan’s family has been practising organic farming for generations. A traditional rigorous form of inter-cropping, crop rotation and using hardy heirloom seeds ensures soil fertility, and minimises pest attack.

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It is commonly believed that Moong was discovered in South East Asia. Early discovery of Moong in India was in the eastern zone of the Harappan Civilization in Punjab and Haryana, which dates back to around 4500 years, while, in South India, it was discovered in the state of Karnataka 4000 years back. Archaeobotanical Research in Thailand leads us to believe that Moong had been cultivated 2200 years back. The Chinese have cultivated Moong for over 2000 years and it is widely used in Chinese cuisine.

Moong beans are grown during two seasons – the Rabi Season (starting November) and the Kharif Season (starting June). They are tropical crops and need warm temperatures and well-drained loamy to sandy loam soil. The temperatures should be between 25 degrees to 30 degrees celsius. Its growing period is usually 100 days with 80 to 100 cm rainfall.

This highly nutritious Dal is the best protein substitute for vegetarians. It is very useful for people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, anaemia, osteoporosis, and obesity. It is

    • High in protein
    • High in dietary fiber
    • Low in fat
    • Low in calories

It is a filling food rich in Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Folate, Copper, Zinc and other B Vitamins. It also helps in lowering the cholesterol levels. Moong Dal has a wide range of beauty benefits to offer. It keeps your scalp clean, combats dandruff, adds shine to your hair and boosts hair growth. It does a lot for your skin too. It prevents acne breakouts, treats sun tan, and makes your skin soft.

At Daana, we buy dal from our farmers, and store it in cold-storage units which ensures that all pests are eliminated. Every bag is tagged with information about the farmer. Once it arrives from cold storage into our packing unit, it is hand cleaned by women who are skilled at removing stones, dust and husk. Further to that, it is packed, labeled and shipped to our consumers.

No chemicals or preservatives of any kind are used. All information about the farmer is provided in the packets, so you know exactly who grew your food, when it was harvested, and more.

A wide variety of recipes are cooked with this Dal all across India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and other parts of Asia. Our Indian cuisine includes a huge collection of sweet and savoury recipes.

Here is a recipe for hot Pongal for breakfast below. Follow us for an interesting range of recipes in our Recipes section.