Forgotten Super Food: Hand Pound Rice

Forgotten Super Food: Hand Pound Rice

In a small tribal village Hansuli in Chattisgarh, few women farmers’ groups are trying to revive a 300 year old tradition of hand pounding rice. They are also able to generate additional income in the process.

Currently, rice mill machine use rubber rollers to produce a rice which looks like hand pounded rice. But it is not the same thing because the heat created by milling and pounding machine changes the taste and also removes the  micro nutrients from the rice. Human hand pounding of rice is a slow and laborious process that takes a longer time. It doesn’t produce heat so you get a natural taste. Nutrients and micro nutrients  are preserved in the human hand pounded rice. Hand pound rice is rich in selenium which keeps away cancers, cardiac  diseases and arthritis.

Human hand pounded rice has various names in different part of world – Dheki Rice, Hath Sadi Tandul, Kaikuthal arisi, Dhampudu Biyyam.

It is a super food by all standards as it can keep lifestyle ailments at bay. Read more here:

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